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The Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (CACME) had its origins as a means of communication among Denver area physician directors of medical residency training programs. The first informal gathering of this group (which included a few physician directors of continuing medical education) occurred in 1975.

During the next five years, the emphasis of the group shifted gradually from residency training toward continuing medical education (CME). During this time, too, the membership of the group shifted gradually from physician directors of residency training to non-physician directors and coordinators of CME.

For a brief time in the late ’70s and early 80s, the organization identified itself as the Colorado Association for Hospital Medical Education (CAHME). This name reflected an affiliation with the National Association for Hospital Medical Education, an offshoot of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

As the CME functions of the organization became predominant, a new affiliation emerged with the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, a rapidly growing national organization of CME professionals. By the mid ’80s CAHME had become CACME, the Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education.

Throughout the years, the Colorado Alliance has repeatedly affirmed that its primary purpose is to provide professional development for continuing medical educators.