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The challenges in continuing medical education (CME) are growing: there are new requirements, higher expectations, and more ways to provide certified education than ever before. Individuals involved in CME in Colorado need reliable ways to stay in touch with changes in health professional education and with each other.

For more than 30 years, the Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (CACME), a nonprofit association, has supported CME professionals in Colorado. CACME brings CME professionals together to learn about innovations and best practices in CME through the Annual Conference, at informal meetings and, and through online communications.

The one statewide CACME gathering is the Annual Leadership Conference held in mid-summer. At this time CACME's Annual Business Meeting also takes place. All of the meetings offer opportunities for local CME professionals to network with their colleagues concerning day-to-day problems, and to review and discuss current articles from the CME literature. As well, the formal content of the conference generally offers presentations and discussions by well known national figures in the CME profession.

CME professionals, regardless of where they live or practice are welcome to attend CACME's Annual Conference. CACME welcomes anyone with an interest in health professional education to attend an event or become a member of CACME. Benefits of membership include networking, collaboration, career development, leadership opportunities, and access to CME resources.

CACME Executive Committee Members

- Andrea Harshman (President)
- Andrea Funk (President-Elect)
- Elyce Bowron (Secretary)
- Chantel Crowl (Past President)
- Angelique Vinther (Treasurer)
- Liddy Knight(Treasurer Elect)
- Aubrey Shoe, MA (Member-at-Large)
- Lauren Rieck (Membership Chair)
- Laniecia Demmer (Website Committee Chair)
- Kerinsa Mullins (Communication Committee Chair)