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Organization Structure


The purpose of the Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (CACME)is to help continuing medical educators to improve their professional competence.

CACME’s predecessor organization was founded in the mid-1970s by a group of Denver physician directors of residency training programs to foster cooperation among their programs. After the first five years, the organization gradually shifted emphasis from residency training to improving the educational and managerial competence of continuing medical educators. Gradually, non-physician adult educators joined their physician colleagues in providing leadership for CACME.


Click here to see descriptions of the CACME Executive Committee as excerpted from CACME's bylaws. 

In recent years, CACME leadership has adapted its organizational structure to better meet the needs of its members. This change has added more opportunities for members throughout the state to participate in leadership roles, join committees and network more easily and to share helpful CME information.

The elected CACME officers include the president, past-president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary and member-at-large. As needed, regional leaders have been approved by the Executive Committee to represent members and offer meetings in four major geographical areas in Colorado. Regional leaders are either suggested to the Executive Committee by fellow colleagues and/or self-volunteered by the interested member. All suggested members must accept the role and its responsibilities before being formally recognized as a regional leader.

The CACME president may also appoint additional members to the Executive Committee, as needed, for specific duties. Examples include the web coordinator, the historian, the membership chairman or the president’s appointee(s).

Any CACME member who is interested in serving in any leadership role may contact any Executive Committee member for consideration.

Meetings and Services

The work of the Colorado Alliance is done through an Annual Meeting for all members, informal gatherings, regional meetings, online communications and offerings, and the CACME web site.

Annual meeting: This meeting presents nationally known speakers on key CME topics as well as seminars and workshops on the everyday problems of managing CME programs that meet high standards of adult teaching and learning.

Regional Meetings: As needed, regional meetings for CME professionals are held in four regions of the state, southeast Colorado, the Denver metro area, northeast Colorado and western Colorado. Topic selection and meeting frequency in each region is primarily determined by the members in that area and by the regional leader. Suggestions for topics are sometimes submitted by the Executive Committee. Any topic suggestions from members are welcome. CACME members from any area in the state may attend any regional meeting of interest to them. Specific meetings, any applicable fees and contact information will be listed on the CACME web site on the Events Calendar.

Informal Gatherings:
Networking events such as happy hours are becoming a great way to get to know fellow CME peers and exchange ideas and information. 

CACME web site: The CACME web site is available to all CME professionals regardless of location. Information provided on this site in listed on the menu above. Other information will be added as needed. All members are encouraged to submit articles or informative notes for posting on the CACME web site. Send the suggested copy to the current CACME President.

CACME has established several committees as a way for members to get more involved. These committees are a great way to network with peers while developing various skills in leadership, management, organization and more! Click here for more information about the current committees.